WikiBinge (Noun | /ˌwiːkiˈbinj/): Compulsive urge to read connected wikipedia pages for a long amount of time.

WikiBinge is a tool for creating interesting paths between two subjects chronicled on Wikipedia. WikiBinge generates the story of how flimsily Alpha is connected to Omega and compels you to follow that rich, linear narration through unexpected discoveries and findings.

But what does "interesting paths" mean? Those familiar with the theory of six degree of separation won’t be suprised to discover that it's possible to connect most Wikipedia articles following just a few links. However almost every shortest path is ridden with banality, passing through huge hyperconnected articles like "United States of America" or "World War II".

WikiBinge instead tends to generate paths that require dozens of links to reach the destination. What matters is the journey, not the destination. Embracing this spirit, WikiBinge selects the smaller, less represented articles on Wikipedia during this journey. In a WikiBinge path the underdogs are the kings.

That everything is connected with everything is now common sense. But it's how things are connected that keeps surprising me over and over, even as a longstanding fan of James Burke's Connections.

Enjoy the ride!